Hello Beautiful People,

This week I figured we would tackle the elephant in the room...Your Soap! 

As a Soap maker, it can be a challange at times to share information without coming across like a sales pitch. However, today I am taking the bull by the horns as they say and diving in. 

As a sufferer of eczema I wish someone would have broken down the importance of my soap choice to my parents YEARS AGO! My fellow eczema sufferers can tell you how dry itchy skin affects them in a daily basis. It affects us in our sleep, how we feel right after a shower and even our choice in clothing. Did you know, some children hate bathing because of how painful their skin feels afterwards? It all comes down to the soap!! 

Unfortunately, store brand soap is not really soap. It is a detergent, that is designed to cleanse the skin while stripping your skin of its natural oils. This is where lotions and creams come in. They are designed to add moisture back in; however, if you had used a cleansing agent that allowed you to keep your natural moisture, you would not need as many moisturizers. I will give you a minute to let that sink in!

What is eczema? Eczema is when the skin barrier does not function properly. The skin becomes abnormally dry and sensitive as your natural moisturizing oils are carried away. So you have dry sensitive skin, and then you wash in soap that is designed to dry you out even more. For those of us suffering with extreme dry skin and eczema it becomes an unbearable cycle of no relief.

CreamedSoaps was designed to combat this problem. I was looking for a way to stop my skin from burning during and after my showers. Each of my bars are crafted with the following base oils: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Sustainable Palm Oil. At the end of my soap making process I add in an additional hefty dose of Organic Shea Butter along with Avocado Oil. A few of our bars feature other Organic Oils designed to soothe dry irrititated skin. All of the butters and oils added at the end of my soap making process are deposited directly on to your skin while you bathe because all of my bars are crafted using the Hot Process soapmaking process. 

I didn't stop there! Each bar is colored using only ground herbs and scented with pure essential oils. Every single bar is crafted for my sensitive dry skin and yours! 

So there you have it beautiful people, the breakdown of Soap. What's in your bar? Is it packed full of moisture or does it leave your skin dry craving a moisturizer? Do you suffer from eczema or any other dry skin disorder? If so, I encourage you to give CreamedSoaps a try. 

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Happy Bathing,

Amber L. Matthews, Soap Artisan