Hi Beauties,

Today I am opening up to share my TOP 4 Worst Habits. Everyone has pet peeves, but few admit to the things they do that irritates those closest to them. So today I figured I would break the cycle and share mine with you. My husband was very happy to assist me with this one. Without further ado here they are:  

  • Procrastination. Yes, I am a procrastinator! Well, let me preference that with, to the outside world I appear to procrastinate. In reality, I am mentally preparing a prioritized list, and somehow the things that feed my creative soul rise to the top and other things get demoted to the bottom.  

  • Tardiness. You may be thinking isn’t that related to procrastination? Yes, they are related, but my husband wanted to make sure you guys got the full picture of what he is dealing with over here…LOL!! Timeliness alludes me most days due to my long list of To Do’s and not enough time to do them. It is a goal of mine for 2019 to get a better handle on this!  

  • Forgetful. This I own! I am very forgetful. I use to have an impeccable memory; however, after having my children, my memory just got up and walked out! How many of you moms out there can relate? So to make up for this, I rely on electronic reminders as well as the great memories of my boys. They know “Mommy forgets everything”, so they have been assigned the task of making sure I don’t.  

  • Non -Domestic. Sorry not sorry! As a working mom of two boys, I don’t have time to cook and clean like some moms and I am PERFECTLY ok with that! I strongly believe in building a tribe of people that can assist you where you need help. There is no need to have a dirty house when there are plenty of licensed and bonded companies that can assist you based on your budget. (Hint Hint: Let them come once a month to do a deep clean and dust! Seasonal cleanings are also great ways to stay on top of house cleaning). Not a great cook, or don’t have the time? Check out some of the fresh meal subscription options out there and see if there is one that will meet the needs of your family. I have found as long as the house is clean and there is food, the details of how it got done are irrelevant.  

So there you have it, the TOP 4 Ways I Pet His Peeves as a wife, working mom and creator. Some days the list is longer and other days it's shorter, but my gang wouldn't have me any other way (at least that is what I tell myself, LOL!!). We had a good laugh putting this list together!! 

What are some of your pet peeves? Feel free to share below. I look forward to reading your comments.  

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Happy Bathing,

Amber Matthews, Soap Artisan