Hello Beautiful People!!! 2019 is here and we made it! We are alive and well! Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that, shall we!! 

So what are your self care plans for 2019? Are you planning on opting for the most popular one…you know the one…the one that packs out the gym every January, leaving only the old dusty treadmill far from the TV that no one wants? LOL!!! If you have decided that is the one for you, then I salute you and wish you the very best. Caring for yourself with a healthy diet and exercise is one of the key ways to keep your mental health in check. Look Good, Feel Good…Win Win!! 

Are you looking for something else to work on in 2019? Not really sure where to start? No worries, CreamedSoaps has a list of 5 things you can try in order to promote self care for the coming year. Are you ready? Here they are: 

  • Take a bath with aromatherapy bath salts at least one a week. You may be thinking, are you serious?! Yes, actually I am. The benefits of slowing down and taking a warm bath are numerous. Have trouble sleeping, take a bath! Feeling stressed out, take a bath! Need your family to leave you alone? Take a bath! Did you know soaking in Bath Salts boosts your Magnesium levels, reduces stress, eliminates toxins, reduces pain and inflammation and so much more?! So take a bath! 
  • Start a Journal. Experts say putting your thoughts on paper is a great way to heal emotionally. Start an electronic journal or grab a nice one from your local bookstore. Write your thoughts and feelings down for a month and see how you feel afterwards.
  • Volunteer. You know the old adage “there is more happiness in giving”…that is the truth! Feeling bad about your current circumstances? Donate your time at a local nursing facility or assisted living facility and you will realize that your frequent visits will light up the faces of those you meet. 
  • Buy less. When you have less, you have less to worry about. You may be thinking, No... I would worry less if I had more….well then this is definitely for you! The more you have, the more you are responsible for and the more you have to maintain. So take a realistic stock of your life and see if there is anything you can eliminate from your life with the goal of freeing up your time to engage in more meaningful relationships. 
  •  Buy yourself some flowers. I love this one! A friend of mine and I use to do this and then text each other pictures of our bouquets. It’s a great way to treat yourself! Check out the florist section at your local grocery store during the winter months, and explore your local Farmer’s Market in the Spring/Summer months.  

So there you have it beautiful people, 5 ways to jump start your self care for 2019! Which one are you thinking of choosing? No matter what you choose, I am sure you will experience the benefits of slowing down and allowing your body to rest.  

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Happy Bathing,

Amber L. Matthews, Soap Artisan