My husband and I went from no children, to 2 children in under 3 years’ time! If you are on the Struggle Bus and trying to figure out how to handle your precious little responsibilities then keep on reading… 

Like many new moms, I had a list of all the things I WAS NOT GOING TO DO as a parent! I was so judgmental and thought other parents really needed to get their kids under control. Well life has a way of teaching you a lesson! My first child came, and after 5 months I felt like I had a handle on this Mom Life and then BAM…my son was 10 months old and I found out I was pregnant again! So now I was the mom to two little boys under the age of 2! LAWD help me and them!! Life completely changed to say the least!   

I say all the time, having two or more children is so very different than having one….add to that having two children that are close in age! Now, I just smile at the mom with her perfect little angel that I see judging in her mind, the lady at the store with 2-3 kids losing their minds in the shopping cart. I also thank God I left my two at home! LOL!! 

What has been your experience as a mom? What have you learned along the way that you wish you could have shared with your “new mom self?” Would you have carved out regular small chunks of time just for you? Would you have said “Yes” a little more to yourself, and “No” a little more to your family? I know that sounds so selfish, but once you have a few years of motherhood under your belt you see the importance of it. 

I have learned that as a wife and a mom it is imperative not to lose your identity as an amazing woman while trying to care for and nurture your children! Are you a working mother? Do you stay home with your children? No matter your situation both pose their own separate challenges. However, having a network of women around you that can prove to be a source of encouragement is priceless!

So go out there and build yourself a tribe of supportive women and mothers that are there for you to offer love and support. If you already have a tribe, love them hard! 

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Happy Bathing,

Amber L. Matthews, Soap Artisan