Dry skin season is upon us!

As we step into the month of December and the temperatures start to drop even lower...if you suffer from dry skin and eczema like me, I am sure you are already looking around for a great moisturizer to add into your skincare routine! My entire life, I have been on the hunt for the perfect lotion that would last me all day to prevent me from itching from head to toe all year round. 

Unfortunately for me, my parents thought those 32oz bottles of lotion that boasted of containing Cocoa Butter was just what I needed. It smelled of Coconuts, and was family sized for just $3.99 so it had to be good! (LOL!!) 

Fast forward to my adult years, I upgraded my soap to the "best" store brand bar that boasted of containing Shea Butter. Unfortunately, the upgrade of soap as well as lotion was no match for my eczema. I continued to have dark scalely patches behind my knees and in the folds of my elbows. At one point it got so bad on my hands that I had to stop wearing my wedding ring.

Irritable and with no direction as to where to turn, I started my research on YouTube! LOL, you can learn anything on YouTube! I found out about the wonderful world of Shea Butter! I was finally going to manage my itchy skin! Unfortunately, my skin had other plans and did not respond as positively as I had hoped. So back to YouTube I went, and then discovered the wonderful world of handmade soap!!

Natural handmade soap that was enriched with organic butters and oils was the missing link. Combining natural handmade soap enriched with Organic Shea Butter along with Shea Butter mositurizers did the trick! Fast forward six years later, I am free of the dark patches that are an all too familiar telltale sign of anyone suffering from eczema. I still suffer with itchy skin from time to time, but long gone are the days of itching all day with no relief in sight.

How do you moisturize your skin during the winter? CreamedSoaps offers a wide variety of soaps for you to choose from along with Whipped Body Butters and Herbal Balms. These plantbased skincare products are crafted for your skin and mine! 

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Happy Bathing,

Amber Matthews, Soap Artisan